Law Office

Law Office Management Assistance Programs

Law Office Management Assistance programs are conducted by state bar associations to help attorneys to improve their practice.  The programs are designed to establish and institutionalize professional office practices and procedures to increase the ability of attorneys to deliver high quality legal services.  It is particularly helpful to solo and small firm practitioners who may not have adequate information on office management and specific legal software.

The program helps attorneys in a wide variety of matters including computer systems, personnel, finance, marketing, client services and many other business topics.  It provides information and resources for launching a new practice.  The programs offer consulting services to the attorneys over telephone and on site.

The programs conduct training to the attorneys and their staff in office management and also to navigate and use specific software.  The programs provide information through lending library which contains books, videotapes and CDs on law office management and technology.  The programs of most of the state bar associations handle the sale of ABA publications to the attorneys at a discounted price.