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Alabama Law Office Management Assistance Program

The practice Management Assistance Program (P-MAP) of the Alabama State Bar serves the needs of solo practitioners and lawyers practicing in small firms, and protects the public from lawyers whose management skills are inadequate to allow them to deliver competent legal services in a timely manner.

P-MAP distributes information in the form of a lending library containing books, audio and video programs, and software directly relating to management issues, such as attorney compensation, billing, business planning, client relations, employee relations, ethics and professionalism, loss prevention, marketing, retirement planning, and technology.  P-MAP also handles the sale of American Bar Association publication, particularly those of the Law Practice Management Section, on a discounted basis, to Alabama State Bar members.

The program distributes a series of free informational packets, brochures and booklets on starting a new firm, handling trust account, establishing standardized communications with clients, budgeting, managing files, handling the law office calendar and docket system, and selecting appropriate computer hardware and software for the small law office.  The program produces the P-MAP Update, a newsletter covering management issues and member benefits, and promoting upcoming management–related CLE programs.

The director of P-MAP provides consultation over telephone and on-site office consultation, and works with lawyers referred by the Office of the General Counsel, both pre-and post-discipline.  The director also regularly participates in the planning and presentation of Continuing Legal Education programs of office management, ethics, professionalism and technology through the Alabama State Bar Roadshow, the Alabama State Bar Annual Meeting, ABICLE, and the Cumberland School of Law Office for Continuing Legal Education.  The director is also responsible for coordinating the ASB Legal Expo, a legal products and services show held each year in conjunction with the Alabama State Bar Annual Meeting.

Alabama Law Office Management Assistance Program

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