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Arizona Law Office Management Assistance Program

The Law Office Management Assistance Program or LOMAP was established in Arizona in 1992.  LOMAP offers a wide range of services including general office maintenance reviews; consulting on practice management specific problems, providing reference materials for setting up a new office; and referral to consultants or vendors suitable to the attorney’s environment and financial resources.  LOMAP may also be offered as a diversion to disciplinary proceedings under certain circumstances.

LOMAP provides consultation services by telephone or in person at the Arizona Bar Center.  The initial 30 minutes consultation is not charged.  More extensive assessments are provided for a flat fee and include a written report with recommendations.  Limited assessments and consultations are provided at an hourly rate.

Upon request, the State Bar’s LOMAP Director or Practice Management Advisor prepares a customized plan to confidentially assess specific areas within a lawyer’s practice. Consultations services are available by telephone, in-person and on-site.  The first half hour telephone or in person consultation at the State Bar office is free.

LOMAP conducts a voluntary assessment of an attorney’s practice and written recommendations upon request.  LOMAP handles assessments, which are required by diversion or probation matters from the Probably Cause Panelist and Supreme Court.  LOMAP also provides legal-specific case management software demonstration, consultation, training and software customization.

Upon request, LOMAP staff will bring Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs to Bar Associations, Committees, Sections or other member groups regarding current practice management topics.  The State Bar of Arizona member attorneys have access to practice management books, seminar materials, magazines, newsletters through LOMAP.  The books can be reviewed at the Bar Center in Phoenix, borrowed (on a limited time basis) from the LOMAP library or purchased often at a discount through the LOMAP office.

Arizona Law Office Management Assistance Program

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