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Florida Law Office Management Assistance Program

The Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS) was created to assist members of the Florida Bar dealing with the business aspects of setting up, managing, merging or closing a professional practice.  LOMAS works with an experienced staff of practice management advisors who provide advice, assistance and support to members of the Florida Bar through a variety of services.  LOMAS focuses on management principles such as trust accounting rules, docket control, prevention of client conflict, and the integration of high-tech equipment into the law practice.  LOMAS helps attorneys avoid malpractice or grievances through the application of sound business procedures and best practices.

LOMA provides information through telephone conversations and on-site consultations.  Voluntary on-site consultations are fee based and provide detailed and confidential analysis of firm management policy, procedures and issues.  Telephone queries are free and confidential.  LOMAS has a reference library which contains books on various topics in law office management.

Florida Law Office Management Assistance Program

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