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Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program

The Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP) helps Massachusetts attorneys in establishing and institutionalizing professional office practices and procedures to increase their ability to deliver high quality legal services, strengthen client relationships, and enhance their quality of life.  LOMAP provides this assistance through its consulting services, reference materials, educational programs, and referrals.

LOMAP provides consultation service to attorneys to establish a law office that complies with ethical requirements, increases efficiency, and reduces risk to the attorney.

The LOMAP Lending Library has law practice management books, video and audio tapes, and law practice management continuing legal education courses on CD.  The library is constantly updated with new publications of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Boston Bar Association as relevant titles are published.

LOMAP provides free confidential consulting services to all attorneys registered to practice in Massachusetts and those who are intending to practice in Massachusetts.  LOMAP provides consultation sessions at their office in Boston.  The areas in which consultation services are offered are

  • how to set up a new practice;
  • how to improve an existing practice; and
  • how to transition out of a practice in compliance with all ethical obligations.

Massachusetts Law Office Management Program

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