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Oklahoma Law Office Management Assistance Program

The Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program (OBA-MAP) assists all Oklahoma lawyers in improving their practices.  These services are particularly useful to solo and small firm lawyers, young lawyers and lawyers migrating from government or large firm practice into opening their own practice.

The OBA-MAP staff answers brief questions about management and technology issues over telephone.  The program arranges the OBA Solo and Small Firm Conference with the consultation, advice and involvement of the OBA Solo & Small Firm Conference Planning Committee.

The OBA-MAP Director provides free consultations at the Bar Center to any lawyer who is setting up a new practice or has encountered a difficult issue that cannot be comfortably handled over the telephone.  The program also undertakes office “Health Checks” in the lawyer’s office on a fee, covering wide range of management issues.  All staff and attorneys will be involved both in group and individual interviews.

OBA-MAP Lending Library contains law practice management books, video and audio tapes.  All new publications of the ABA Law Practice Management Section are routinely furnished to the OBA-MAP Lending Library.  The OBA-MAP Director serves as sysop, forum moderator, and help desk for OBA-NET.  OBA-NET regularly posts law practice management tips and legal news items.

OBA-MAP sells ABA Law Practice Management books to the members of Oklahoma Bar Association at a discounted price.  There is a regular column “Law Practice Tips” by OBA-MAP Director in every theme issue of the Oklahoma Bar Journal. OBA-MAP sells and produces (with the OBA Law Office Management & Technology Section) the Oklahoma Law Office Procedures Manual on CD-ROM.

Oklahoma Law Office Management Assistance Program

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