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South Carolina Law Office Management Assistance Program

The Practice Management Assistance Program (PMAP) helps attorneys of the South Carolina Bar in improving their practice.  PMAP is a free member benefit for all Bar members.

The PMAP provides helps and advises attorneys in office management.  The PMAP provides checklist and resources for opening a new office.  The PMAP works with Law Practice Technology or Management Consultants to help the attorneys in South Carolina.  It provides online resources for legal technology, practice management and disaster/data recovery for law offices.  The PMAP provides an online manual which offers guidance to lawyers who find themselves in transition with no prior plans in place.  The online manual contains form letters and agreements and provides checklists for the practical aspects of shutting down an office and for handling client issues.

The Ethics Advisory Committee renders advisory opinions for members of the bar on prospective ethics problems.  The lending library contains books and videos on billing finance, career issues, client relations, management and administration and marketing.  The Practice Management Advisor offers telephone consultation to lawyers and support staff on technology and law office management.

South Carolina Law Office Management Assistance Program

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