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Tennessee Law Office Management Assistance Program

TnBar Management Services provides members of the Tennessee Bar Association practical information on law office management issues.

TnBar Management Services provides a detailed guide for setting up a new practice.  It provides a checklist for opening a new law office.  It also provides case acceptance guidelines and good client and case screening procedures for building a quality practice.  TnBar Management Services offers general procedures in client relations and communication which is useful to avoid client communication problems.  TnBar Management Services offers a detailed outline of steps to take in recovering from a disaster.

The TnBAR Management Services lending library is offered by the Tennessee Bar Association as a service to Tennessee Bar members for general education purposes.  The library contains books on Billing and Financial Management, Law Office Technology, Marketing and Client Relations, Management and Administration Management.  Books, videotapes and CDs are loaned to the members for a 14 day period.

Tennessee Law Office Management Assistance Program

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