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Wisconsin Law Office Management Assistance Program

The State Bar of Wisconsin’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (Practice411) provides resources to lawyers in improving their and in implementing systems and controls to reduce risk and improve client relations. Practice411 assists lawyers to manage the business aspects of their practices, including the use of technology; business and financial planning; and personnel, facilities, and operations management.

Practice411 is particularly for solo and small-firm practitioners who may not have the time or resources to acquire practice management information or best practices.  The   LOMAP Advisory Committee assists in the implementation and development of the program.

The LOMAP Lending Library consists of books, audio cassettes and CD’s on a variety of topics relating to practice management, office operations, productivity, practice skills and quality of life resources.  Resources are available for not only private practice lawyers, but corporate and government lawyers as well.  Judges and staff of the Wisconsin Court System and attorneys can review and borrow materials from the library.  The library also circulates materials by mail to Wisconsin judges and attorneys licensed to practice in Wisconsin.  New resources are added to the library on an ongoing basis.

Wisconsin Law Office Management Assistance Program

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