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General Practice or Specialization

Legal practice is primarily of two types: general or specialized practice.  One can pursue legal practice by attending to all types of legal matters.  However, a general practitioner should have significant knowledge in all fields of law.  Be it family law, labor law or business law, a general practitioner can handle basic cases in all these fields.  It is a common phenomenon that a lawyer begins practice as general practitioner and ends up a specialist.

Specialization means concentrating one’s legal practice to one or only some fields of law.  Specialization allows a lawyer to focus on specific topics and legal matters in depth.  This will help the lawyer to gain mastery over specific matters or spheres of law.  With complex matters, clients often opt for a specialist rather than a general practitioner since s/he may have the impression that the specialist would be the best person to resolve the complex legal issue in question.

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