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Solo Practices

Starting an independent legal practice is one of the most important decision that a lawyer has to make.  A Lawyer planning to practice independently must consider his/her resources and finances before beginning the practice.  Independent or solo practice requires personal investment.  Experience is a very important factor in the success rate of a lawyer.  If a lawyer is confident enough and has ample experience s/he can start a solo practice. 

The primary advantage of solo practice is that the practitioner holds complete decision making power.  S/he does not have to consult with anyone else to take a decision on any matter. Solo practitioners also don’t need to spend time on firm politics and management issues.  

A solo practitioner can work from a small office, home office or use an executive suit arrangement.  These options do not require large office space or a significant office staff. 

The solo practitioner is his/her own boss. S/he does not have to account for his/her activities to anyone else and may take vacation as desired.

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