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Client Relations

The cornerstone of client management is clear and effective client relations.  No matter what the size of a law firm is, the most important people are the clients.  Commitment to excellent client service and communication are an integral part of operations of the modern law firm.  An effective client relationship management benefits the client, the lawyer and the law firm.  Client relations thrive on good communication.  From the time of client intake to the conclusion of a case, good communication ensures that clients are satisfied at the conclusion of a matter.  With every new engagement, the expectations of the client should be ascertained to determine if their expectations are reasonable and they understand the law firms’ method of operation and the legal process.   The interest and attention extended to the clients are most often considered more important than the firm’s technical ability and judgment.  The feed backs from former clients and client service planning shall aid in developing the client relations.  This leads to a more beneficial and profitable relationship between law firms and their clients.

A new trend in the legal business towards improving client relations is use of client relationship management software. These software products ensure easy organization of client related data; maximize client communications, sharing of relationship information with other members in the firm and to exceed client service expectations.  One drawback of this software is that they have to be constantly updated for their effective and efficient functioning.  Some vendors who provide client management software are:

LexisNexis Interaction



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