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As a part of efficient financial management of a law firm there are many areas to be taken care of.  Tracking time of attorneys and other staff, billing accurately and ensuring timely payments is of course the core of financial management. 

Apart from these core functions, efficient management of office space and equipment is also necessary.  The equipment of a law office include its furniture, computers, books and various types of stationary.  It is important to understand the need of the law firm while choosing its furniture.  Attorneys who generally work long hours need to have chairs and tables and computers which help facilitate their comfort and health.  Also, all computers need to be equipped with necessary hardware and software to protect confidential client information.  

The equipment in a law office need to be well maintained.  One of the more important aspects of equipment use is the efficient utilization of available tools especially books and resources.  The purchase of furniture and other equipment should be considered an investment and result in a positive outcome in the overall efficiency and productivity of a law firm.

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