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Location of Law Firm

The location of a law firm is a very important aspect and has significant impact on the success of a firm.  One of the main factors a firm must consider when choosing a location is accessibility to the firms targeted clientele includig issues of proximity to client offices, accessibility via public transportation, and parking facilities. 

The location of the firm also speaks volumes about the firm’s culture and image.  Having the wrong address may affect the firm’s reputation even before it actually starts business. 

Some lawyers, especially when they are starting out, may decide to work from home due to financing considerations. On the other hand, meeting with clients and running a practice at home is usually not a viable long-term option, so selecting an office location from the start may be worthwhile.  Also, sharing space in an office may decrease the financial impact on the lawyer or firm just starting out.

When deciding on where to open an office, various aspects must be considered.  The unique need of the office, if any, is an important aspect to be considered.  For example, a new satellite office will need to have state-of-the-art computer equipment linked to the home office by one of the several possible technological means.  In such a case, consideration will have to be given to the available technological resources before deciding on the location of the office.  An examination of the site will also be helpful to make sure that its size is adequate for the foreseeable future and to ensure that it is properly equipped with all necessary utilities.  It is also important to check all outlets and wirings at the place to make sure that they satisfy the needs and demands of all personnel.  However, if the location is considered to be more important than all these concerns, then the firm must budget for the necessary upgrade of the facility so that the place assumes sufficiency so as to meet all demands of practice. 

Office location and office appearance can be as important as the quality of the legal work.  When choosing an office location, factors to consider include a need for proximity to the courthouse and a need for a convenient location if there is much client traffic.  The office likewise should reflect the anticipated preferences of attorneys and clients.

Choosing the right location is a very important aspect of a law firm and therefore before commiting or moving to a space, it is advisable to check all aspects of the place to make sure that the location as well as the facilities available are adequate and proper to meet all reasonable demands of the practice.

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