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Legal Research

Legal research has traditionally been used by corporations and law firms to support decision making, back up an opinion or win an argument.  Legal research is a necessary tool in an effective compliance risk management program.

Legal research within the corporate compliance process provides information essential to accurately identify the potential risks that a company may face.  The timely use of legal research helps in improving risk management effectiveness.

Effective management of legal research can be implemented by:

  • Taking a proactive approach to legal research by anticipating potential problems.
  • Having legal counsel identify the range of risks and the dimensions of each issue.
  • Engaging legal experts to maximize accuracy by extending the reach of legal teams and allowing them to provide a deeper analysis of issues
  • Sharing the legal research results across the enterprise.
  • Revisiting yourlegal research regularly to keep it up to date.

Effectively applied legal research helps determine the legal consequences of actions and helps in making better, more informed decisions.

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