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The practice of law involves providing legal advice, drafting legal documents, and representing clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings.  This professional scenario is applicable to a lawyer or Attorney at Law, barrister, solicitor or civil law notary.  A legal professional deal with clients represented from various other professions such as real estate, banking, accounting, and insurance.  Hence the legal professional is bound to adopt efficient and effective law firm management techniques.  Marketing of a law firm is part of the law firm management.  However the marketing of the law office is associated with some ethical issues.  Part of an effective marketing strategy, the law firm must provide:

  • Loyalty to all clients – this can be developed through excellent service, proactive advice and genuine concern for the clients business.
  • Exploit opportunities – study the existing clients to develop viable markets
  • Recognize the clientele – from a better understanding of client’s business gives opportunity to provide adequate suggestions to the for their business development
  • Partnering – develop tie-ups with potential partners who share similar business development practices, philosophies, goals and budgets.
  • Advertisement – adopt viable advertisement strategies from past experiences and upcoming trends.
  • Outsource – hire experienced professionals on a contract basis to complete projects.
  • Retain market share – ensure a positive presence in market campaigns to establish the organization’s position.
  • Word of mouth – proper networking with potential customers enable to maintain relationships and develop new points of contact.
  • Search engine optimization – enables to provide better services in an economical manner.
  • Web analytics system – provides better steps to avail cost effective measures to control website traffic.
  • Develop E-newsletters – helps to provide information on different issues to the potential customers in a cost-effective manner.
  • Measure the return on investment – helps to analyze market trends from potential customers by proper tracking of their feedback and response.

Marketing of a law firm is frequently considered as an expense that can be reduced.  However, it is an investment in clients and the business.  Careful evaluation of investments and periodic rearrangements in business initiatives provides positive results.  The result of marketing a law firm business needs consistent efforts over a prolonged period of time.

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