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Back Office

A back office is a part of most firms where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place.  Back office jobs are not core to the provision of legal advice but essential to the proper functioning of a business.  Examples of back-office tasks include IT departments that keep the phones and computers running, accounting and human resources.

Outsourcing back office jobs helps the lawyers concentrate more on the core business, which is serving clients and winning new businesses.  When attorneys are kept away from managerial responsibilities, they can focus more on their law practice. 

Secretarial work is perhaps one of the most obvious services which law firm outsource.  Law firms of all sizes outsource “typing up dictation”.  Back office outsourcing also includes outsourcing of IT services, wherein the service provider takes over the running of the firms’ servers.  The service providers manage IT maintenance, disaster recovery and IT support.  Human Resources (HR) is another non-core service that some law firms have opted to outsource, especially on the hiring side.  The service providers do initial partner briefings, database searches, CV screenings and providing a shortlist of candidates.

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