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Lawyers outsource legal research and writing projects for a variety of reasons. One primary reason is time.  Lawyers are not always in control of their own schedules.  They always have to meet deadlines—whether set by statute or court rule.  A large firm can always pull an associate from one matter to work on another.  However, small firms and solo practitioners are vulnerable to periodic “workload overload.”  Some tasks—such as trials and client meetings demand personal attention of attorneys, whereas others, such as legal research and writing, do not.  Outsourcing enables lawyers to withstand particularly busy periods without having to hire an employee.

Another benefit of outsourcing legal research and writing on an as-needed basis is cost. When a law firm out sources a project, they pay only for the time it takes to complete the project.  However, when a firm hires an employee, fixed expenses of the firm are increased.  Moreover, it is time consuming to search for and train a new associate, particularly a junior-level associate.  Thus hiring an associate requires a significant investment in both time and money.  In addition, an employee brings financial and legal responsibilities to the employer.  Outsourcing helps law firms to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Moreover, a lawyer who concentrates in legal research and writing can often accomplish those jobs more efficiently than a busy practitioner who may not be as familiar with the available resources or as experienced in searching large databases for sometimes vague answers.  Finally, some lawyers like doing tasks such as trials, depositions and client meetings more than legal research and writing.  Outsourcing allows such lawyers to do tasks that they find most personally and professionally rewarding.

A primier legal outsourcing company is LegalEase Solutions, LLC.

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