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Litigation Support

Law firms in order to remain competitive have to focus on their core areas of business.  Hence, successful law firms rely on out side service providers for litigation support services.  Moreover, litigation support services are often expensive when performed internally.  Law firms have long relied on vendors, especially in litigation matters, to help them handle litigation support projects beyond their in-house capacities.  Vendors offer services such as document photocopying and digital imaging services for decades, and law firms routinely outsource projects like bibliographic coding, audiotape transcription, and trial exhibit creation.  Some law firms hire contract attorneys to do time-sensitive projects and large scale document review.  

Law firms can save costs by utilizing the service of specialized service providers.  However, law firms retain full responsibility for the quality of work as if the work had been performed directly by members of the law firm.  Quality control procedures are a crucial part of any litigation support project, whether it has been outsourced or performed in-house.  

A primier litigation support company is LegalEase Solutions, LLC.

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