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Technology is a great help to attorneys for efficiently managing law offices.  Technologies such as Internet and e-mail provide unparalleled access to information and swift communications.  Technology plays an important role for an efficient workflow.  By creating electronic document receiving, retrieving, and synthesizing information becomes more easy and fast.  Effective computer networking among law office computers, can allow law firms to operate in an organized and efficient manner.

There are many types of law practice management software that helps attorneys to efficiently mange information with regard to case and clients.  Using management software, various case information including contacts and calendaring may be shared between the attorneys and other law office staff.  Some of the prominent features of law practice management software include billing/tracking time, scheduling, contacts, invoicing, conflict checks and accounting.  Understand the needs of the law firm before deciding what technologies are to be adopted.

Technology also has its own downside.  Metadata, advertising, disposing of computers, websites, and email are certain areas to be discussed in this regard.  Metadata is the information hidden in the background of electronic documents.  It includes the name of the author, the date created and last edited, as well as the undo/redo history. The disclosure of the metadata could even lead to a breach of confidentiality.

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