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ESI-LAW is a law firm management and accounting software which helps in reducing a law firm’s workload and increasing productivity.  More than 15,000 attorneys choose ESI-LAW as their time, billing, accounting and practice management software.  Some of the key features of ESI-LAW are time tracking, calendaring, document creation and management, check writing, billing, accounting and banking, productivity and profitability reporting and trust accounting.  Productivity programs such as Time tracker and Bill Generator helps law firms track and record time and produce bills with ease. Report Writer helps law firms to produce custom reports that meet the demands of the firm. Popular interfaces to Amicus Attorney and other industry leading applications give the flexibility law firms need in their office. 

ESI-LAW provides law firms with the reports they need to collect information on any aspect of the firm.  ESI-LAW provides an extensive selection of reports and reporting tools.  Some of the ESI-LAW reports are on clients and matters, lawyers and timekeepers, accounts receivables and payables, retainers and trust, productivity and financial matters.  Drilldown capabilities of the reports give law firms instant access to detailed information.  ESI-LAW keeps the original report open side by side in order to easily compare details of the original report and sub reports. ESI-LAW reports can easily be filtered using a wide range of criteria. Many reports can also be run in summary or detail format and are designed to save time with useful features such as suppressing inactive timekeepers.

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